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By danielgconway, May 16 2017 11:06AM

I stole grime rapper ‘Stormzy’s tune ‘Shutup’ and wrote lyrics about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tips. Thanks to The North Shields Massive who helped me out.

So you want to rise high in Google search ranks?

1. Don’t set up a website and think your done, or you my friend are gonna look dumb

Don’t set up a website and think that’s the work over. The work has just begun. You want your website to receive good traffic from being high in search engine rankings right? Then first things first, make sure your meta tags, keywords and page description are set up to attract the type of traffic you want. For example, if I were a plumber, I’d research through what phrases are most popular when people are searching for a plumber. Then I would make sure my keywords and meta descriptions are centred on those phrases.

2. Set up an awesome blog, don’t be boring like an old dead dog

Whatever your industry, product or topic, start a blog on your website and generate content as regular as possible. If you look at any of the giant successful organisations, they post content multiple times a day. Now if you work for a company and you have a marketing team, I would dedicate someone to produce and post content as often as possible. If you were self-employed I would encourage at least once a week if you were busy.

3. Quality is king over quantity

Regardless if you have a team dedicated to creating blog content or whether you are a full time plumber with little time, quality is king over quantity. It is better to post less often with high quality material than it is to be posting regularly with low quality, rushed information. A well-planned written blog will cover areas of interest in greater detail. This will make readers happy and will help you gain loyal readership.

4. Don’t give up after 3 or 4 posts, or you’ll be like the other ghosts

When people start out they are usually excited and full of high hopes, only to be disappointed after not gaining high traffic and lots of incredible customers. Be consistent with good content over a period of months and traffic, leads, and purchases will come. This strategy has worked for me at the four companies I have worked for. It will work for you too. Just stay consistent and be patient.

5. Articles around 2000 words is key, if high on Google’s where you want to be

With the latest search algorithm, it’s very evident that Google favours long articles of 2000 words or more. Not just 2000 words for the sake of having 2000 words, but having long articles that are informative and in depth about your topic. Your articles should be media rich, so make sure there is images inserted at every paragraph, and one or two videos featured where possible.

6. Video makes people stay longer, making Google think your website’s wonga

As good video content is so engaging it causes people to stay on your website pages for longer. The longer a person stays on your website the more likely they are going to trust in your brand or product and make a purchase or complete a form and become a lead.

"A massive signal to The Google bots."

How long a person remains on your website is a massive signal to The Google bots. If they see that your website about plumbing has people staying on your website for longer, compared with your plumbing competitors, this scores highly and shows that your website must be very relevant to your industry, also that your website is providing answers and information that solves peoples questions.

7. One day you’ll just blink, and solid websites will be giving you a link

How long a person remains on your website is important to the search algorithm, as well as how many websites are linking to your website. It’s not just a case of getting as many websites as possible to link to your website either. For example, when I launched my ‘Extreme Job Hunter’ campaign in 2013 it quickly got national attention and as a result I had The BBC, Daily Mail, and AOL linking to my website from their website. Within a few weeks I was top spot on Google for a number of different search terms related to job hunting. Why? Because these websites get millions of hits each month and are viewed as very valuable and relevant. This resulted in Google perceiving my website as relevant and valuable due to such big players linking to my website.

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By danielgconway, May 2 2017 12:09PM

Heather Thompson from Newcastle Upon-Tyne, had a life changing accident in August 1975 when she was just 27. Through the challenges of living life as a paraplegic, Heather has learned several valuable lessons.

"Our objective... was to create a video that would give hope."

Our objective when producing this video for the SIA (Spinal Injuries Association) was to create a video that would give hope to newly spinal cord injured people. We wanted to show them someone who was injured young and had gone on to live a fulfilling life.

Question 1: How did the accident happen?

We were travelling on our motorbike up to town (Newcastle Upon Tyne). A Cattle truck came to the side of us and without warning turned left into us at a mini roundabout.

Heather in 2017
Heather in 2017

"I was paralysed from the waist down"

Preston (My husband) suffered stitches in his leg and ended up with an overactive thyroid problem. I was paralysed from the waist down over. I also had a torn bowel, broken leg, and severely broken Pelvis. At first they told my husband that they might have to remove my leg, but fortunately they were able to save it due to the great care of the surgeon.

"The back two wheels of the truck ran over me"

The truck driver hadn't changed his side mirrors after emptying his cattle truck, to adjust to the reduced weight, and as a result he didn't see us. The back two wheels of the truck ran over me, and threw my husband off the bike. I was conscious all of the time and was in agony.

I was in intensive care for a few days, then moved after a couple of weeks to a special spinal injuries hospital, and was there for 6 months. I spent three months recuperating and three months in physiotherapy.

Question 2: After the accident, what was your darkest moment?

I was concerned about my husband how he would feel as is first wife passed away due to illness after having cared for her for a few years, and now he had another wife who would need to be cared for. He was upset that the lorry driver hadn't taken care and attention.

"he blamed himself"

It was an accident and he blamed himself. He believed if he had gone quicker then he could have got the bike out of the way. But he couldn't have. It took him a while to come to terms with it. Then having it explained to me that I wouldn't be able to have control of my bodily functions.

Question 3: What are the three most important life lessons you have learned through being paralysed for 43 years.

Lesson 1: Carefully choose a life partner.

The first thing is, when choosing a life partner make sure you choose the right person who loves you through thick and thin, because you can bet your bottom dollar, something may happen, or many things will happen in your life, and you will need to lean on them and they will need to lean on you and support you. My husband supported me. My husband supported me all the time, with the accident, before the accident, after the accident and throughout our life together.

Lesson 2: Never give up. Learn to adapt.

I’m quite a positive person. I’ve learned never to give up. Learn to adapt to the situation you’re in, and just go forward and enjoy life. Life is wonderful. There are so many things to learn and so many people to learn from.

Lesson 3: Helping other people helps you.

"It doesn’t matter if you have a disability"

Learn to be able to do things for other people. When you do things for other people you are developing an inner quality and you are helping someone else. I think that’s a good thing to do. Never give up. Be positive, and find things that you can do. It doesn’t matter if you have a disability, you can do something to help somebody and enrich somebody else’s life. That’s what I’ve found is important, to enrich somebody else’s life and to help them feel better about themselves.

Which of these 3 life lessons did you find most interesting? Please comment.


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